Staff Interviews: Aestón!
Ready to learn about the different staff member here at WoGU? Well, then you are in the right place! Today you can learn about the lovely Aestón Wilkinson!

- From : Erin Nightingale


Welcome to another staff interview! We are slowly getting to know all of the staff one after one. They are all lovely in their own way, but quite different so let’s get into the next person. Today we decided to take a look at something else than a doctor. So today we are taking a look at one of our lovely leaders in yellow/golden colour... Who might it be? its...


A little about Aestón

Well, my name is Aestón which stands for eagle. Which represents me quite well, seeing as I love my freedom and if only I could have wings. Anyways, I am the younger brother to Avianne Wilkinson, who is 32 to my 28. Because we became orphans at a young age, we are quite dependent on each other and still live together as roommates. I also love to be as active as possible, as I can't sit still. Just like I am very protective hence why being a leader of the soldiers is a job I dearly love. I am also a very lucky man who can call our lovely keeper of Med-Jacks, Lynnea Huntington, my girlfriend!

What is your job?

I am the leader of the soldiers, which means that we are responsible for the protection of W.I.C.K.E.D. and it's occupants. We patrol around the areas and make sure that the right arm can not infiltrate us nor the flare. We also make sure that everyone inside of the complex feels safe and follows our rules

A fun fact about Aestón

I used to be a police officer before I joined W.I.C.K.E.D. and for some reason, I always end up with holes in my socks

Your favorite part of WoGU

I love the community and how we each support one another, having been an orphan who was passed around through many families, I was always slow to trust people. But I can tell that I can be myself around here and that support and acceptance is what I love the most

What do you look the most forward to for the next years on WoGU?

I look forward to training the new soldiers and to see each of our new students grow and to develop comradeship. Friendship is very important, especially with what is happening around us now. We must support one another and hopefully, we will soon find a cure!

And that was everything for this time! Thank you so much, Aestón, for letting us get to know you better! Soon we'll cover yet another part of the staff!you'll have to wait and see who it might be...




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Adrienne Hope

Adrienne Hope ohhh nice!

Chloe Cavieri

Chloe Cavieri Lovely blog post! Loved learning about Aestón. :D

Sarah Grenville

Sarah Grenville Love it Aespee

Angelina Ackerman

Angelina Ackerman Fascinating. Aestón, would you be interested in being kidnapped - I mean, would you like to have a chat over coffee? You seem to have an interesting life. Excellent interview, Alois. W.I.C.K.E.D is good.

Cornelia Briggins

Cornelia Briggins Ah lovely to read about le papa grep! Already looking forward to the next one! ❤

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