From Walkers to Gladers: A chat from Sherrif to Chancellor
Sometimes we would love to visit another world right? Well, we are going to visit another realm today. Another world, but at the same time, it is so close to ours. At least that's what Lukrezia Tierney and Nicole Davenport realized in a chat between the both of them. Just sit back, read and let's take a step into the World of Walkers!

- From : Nicole Davenport

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Verity Abernathy

Verity Abernathy Awh, I really enjoyed reading this interview! It's amazing we get a short look into another world! ^^

Sarah Grenville

Sarah Grenville Love it Nic!!!

Benthe Myerscough

Benthe Myerscough Nice blog :D, loved to read it :D

Jack Carter

Jack Carter Nice to learn more about your site! Perhaps I will check it out sometime

Robin Carter

Robin Carter This was awesome! Wow sounds like fun!

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