Nagging Needles - No. 1
Nagging Needles, the one and only official article, written by the Infection Screening team. Go read more about their lives as Infection Screeners!

- From : Hera Addams

Created by: Hera Addams and the Infection Screening team
Issue nr. 001
A Whaleberrie Welcome!
Welcome to the very first issue of Secretive Screeners! A magazine written by the amazing Infection Screening team, for you guys! Let's start with introductions...

Elan Krievs aka Whalan
"My name's Elan Krievs, but I usually go by either Alek or Aleksei. I am a Slicer and considered 'graduated' as they decided they've got nothing to teach me upon my arrival here. Which.. may be somewhat surprising. Guess I'm smarter than I look. I quite like snooping around and learning more about others while remaining pretty unknown and illusive myself. This ultimately makes being a part of the infection screening team the perfect job for me. I like to create my own weapons and armor from scratch, avoiding the law and just generally being my idiotic self."

Maya Alcado aka Whalaya
Hii! My name is Maya Alcaldo. I am seventeen years old and I am a Slicer. I take care of the meats and animals which makes sure that people stay alive. But, besides that, I am also part of the infection screening team who makes sure that we don’t get sick people inside our complex. I chose this job because you have to be really careful when it comes to sick people and I think that I can handle that responsibility as I love to lead. But, besides work, I always hang out in the gardens.

Anthony Dubo aka Antberrie
My name is Anthony Dubo, 18 years old. I don't really remember much from my childhood but I believe I came from an area in New York....then again I could be wrong. I chose to be a part of this team because I find it to be an opportunity to get to know every that lives within W.I.C.K.E.D. This also helps me figure out whether or not a person has had a difficult past and may be a problem in the future. A hobby of mine would be reading...but of course I also like to train myself with a dagger just in case self defense is needed.

Nova Ackerman aka Noverrie
Hello! I am Nova! I am the person who checks the Runner girls! Don't run away from me tho because I am to lazy to go after you I work in this team because.. Hera is forcing me No, of course not! I am working in this team because I love reading and helping with their background storries! Now Hera told me this piece must be 50 words so let's hope if I keep typing that it will be enough.. am I there yet? Yes? Great! That already was my piece! Bye :D

Irelynn Salvae aka Whalynn
My name is Irelynn Sylavae and I'm an Infection Screener for the Med-Jacks group. For me, I chose this job because I enjoy getting to know other people- see what they've been through or what they've accomplished... even though I myself am a shy, introverted person.. typically. If I show interest in you history-wise, I'll send a letter. Letters are fun, right?

Leona Ardenn aka Whaona
Leona screens incoming builders.

Elyon Blackfyre aka Elyberrie
Hello! Im Elyon Blackfyre, but you must already know that. Wait, you didn't? How rude! I'll have you know that my parents are very wealthy and we are very well know. It's thanks to their connections that I was able to get myself a job at this prestigious team of whaleberries. Yes, they got me quite a good deal. Screening for infections is a lot of fun after all. In my spare time, I love to stroll around, often lost in thought. If you spot me somewhere, do come and say hello. I'd love that.

Hera Addams aka Herry
Hello cuties! My name is Hera Lacey Addams and I am the leader of this bunch of Whaleberries. They are amazing, cute, sweet and I absolutely adore them. They work so hard! did you know we still have two open spots on our team?! Anyway. I check Staff except when I let Elan do it. I'm pretty blind, but am an exeptionally good stabber! Want to see? Make sure to come by!
Secret Spotlight!
1.jpgA few of us picked a spotlight, one person whom we think has an amazing backstory. One that is definitely worth a read! Read along to see which backstories we picked this time!

I choose Hera Addams (my boss) because I just love everything about her backstory! and I totally didn't want a promotion.. uhu.. Her code is very pretty and you can find more information then just her history! Her backstory includes very cute and fun pictures what makes it even more fun to read, I would say: Go check it out when you have the time, because oh boy it is a great story!

For this month, I vote Safiya McCarthy as I think that she has a great backstory. You can really get to know her by reading her backstory. My favourite part is where she shows you everyone in her family as I feel that it tells a lot about her.

Nyeve Aiden. Our lovely Nyeve has put a lot of thought in her backstory and it shows. She deserves a spot in the spotlight. Make sure to read it!

Sebastian Orlando - Despite his backstory only really entailing his birth, it is already really good. It pretty much instantly draws you in and leaves you wanting a whole lot more (please do continue!) It is extremely well written and manages to captivate. There's also a small glimpse into what is to come up top when selecting the different characters, which only adds onto that feeling of wanting to know so much more.

The person I pick is Ezekiel Bain. While his backstory is not extremely long, I feel that it really gives you an idea of who he is and where he came from. Of course, more could be added but it was still a good read.
Question Quest!
Questions from our team, to you! The reader! These questions can be used in your profiletext for some help. Make sure to send the answers to Hera Addams to get a little present!

Hera: "If you could have one superpower for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?" Hera would go for teleporting, to be able to visit her best friends.
Nova: "What is your favorite food?" Nova picks PIZZA, BECAUSE PIZZA IS GOOD.
Elan: "If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?" Elan doesn't think he really has a specific place, probably just anywhere quiet with enough beer to last him a while.
Anthony: "What’s your favorite genre of music?" Anthony would go for Rock and Roll, just because that was what he grew up on. His parents listened to it a lot.
Irelynn: "What do you usually daydream about?" Irelynn says: "It's hard to daydream about anything when I get so distracted... but when I get the time to, I dream about my past. My parents, my everyday life back then, what it was like before the Flares."
Maya: "What colour do you think your aura is?" Maya thinks her aura is turquoise, cuz she is so cool.
Leona: "If you could travel to the past where would you go, what would you do and why?"
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Hera Addams
Anthony Dubo
Elan Krievs
Elyon Blackfyre
Irelynn Sylavae
Leona Ardenn
Maya Alcaldo
Nova Ackerman
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Nicole Davenport

Nicole Davenport This is soooo great!! I love it! And those questions are great *goes to add some to her backstory* I agree with Nova btw... Pizza is everything

Chloe Cavieri

Chloe Cavieri Wonderful article! How smurfy! :D

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