Job Quiz: Which Job Should You Try For?
There are a lot of different jobs you can get here on WoGU so many that it might be hard to decide on which one would be best for you. Well, don't worry anymore! If you want a job, but are unsure just take this quiz and find the perfect student job for you.

- From : Erin Nightingale


There are a lot of different and interesting jobs around here at WoGU, but sometimes it can be a bit hard to decide which one that fits you the best. Well, we are here to help you with just that ;) Write down the numbers you decide on and see what you get the most for at the end. 

Q1: What do you most enjoy out of these?
A: Being and posting on Social Media
B: Writing factual
C: Writing creatively
D: Being a rebel
E: Drawing
F: Making sure everyone follows the rules and tell them if they don’t
G: Reading & Writing
H: Coming up with fun events to do
I: Help others with their work

Q2: What describes you the best?
A: Social
B: Likes working alone
C: Believing in our society and confess others to believe in it
D: Writing/ saying what you want. Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not
E: Creative
F: Strict
G: A person that use most of their time either reading or writing
H: Fun and creative
I: Be Helpful in any way I can in my area of work

Q3: What would you rather do?
A: Be on social media
B: Be in the library
C: Write about the truth
D: Write about stuff that has happened
E: Be on a pc and draw
F: Take responsibility
G: Make up characters and their stories
H: Plan a fun event that everyone can enjoy!
I: Homework or look over others homework

Q4: Out of these. What do you care the most about?
A: social media
B: Books!
C: Our own society,
D: Spreading the news
E: My drawings
F: The rules
G: My stories
H: My ideas
I: Looking over others work/helping

Q5: Do you enjoy writing from your own imagination or from facts?
A: A mix of both
B: Facts all the way
C: Imagination, but that can be based a bit around facts or things that could happen in the WICKED society
D: Imagination (Love making up my own crazy stories)
E: I enjoy drawing more
F: I enjoy drawing more
G: Imagination mostly for characters though
H: Mostly imagination to write stuff to do or write ideas for a party down
I: No special favorite

Q6: How do you feel helping others?
A: Yes, but maybe in a different way
B: Of course. I will write a book to help them ;)
C: Yes, by telling them what happens in our society, and what is going to happen.
D: Yeah, of course, my stories would be to help right?
E: I would be more in the shadows
F: I do enjoy helping, but by telling them what not to do
G: I like it, but mostly in private messages
H: It's not really the job i would want
I: Yes especially with their work

Q7: Which is scarier?
A: No internet
B: Nothing to read
C: Rebels
D: Writers block
E: Nothing to draw/empty for ideas
F: A troll
G: Not knowing what to write for a backstory
H: Losing all your creativity
I: Nothing to grade

Q8: Out of this what is your strongest abilities?
A: coming up with ways to promote
B: Writing factual texts for others to read and enjoy
C: Knowing everything of what is happening in our society
D: My stories
E: Drawing
F: Making sure everyone follows the rules
G: Reading and writing character stories
H: My ideas and planning skills
I: Going through others work

Q9: What is closest to your dream out of this?
A: Making as many as possible see what i'm trying to promote.
B: Seeing others enjoying what i have written
C: Finding the cure and telling everyone about it!!
D: Being a rebel
E: Draw for a living
F: Keep law and order
G: Being able to write creative stories and helping others do the same!
H: Being able to plan an event for the most elite group that everyone will enjoy!
I: Help others with their work making sure everyone gets what they deserve.

Q10: What job do you think you would enjoy the most?
A: Social-Media
B: Mapmaker
C: Journalist- The Right Arm
D: Journalist- W.I.C.K.E.D daily
E: Illustrator team
F: Soldiers
G: Backstory Team
H: Event team
I: Assistant Doctor



Most A: Social-Media Team
You were meant to become a part of the SoMe Team. There is no better place to spend your time then on Social Media where you can share everything you want and make others come to the site. You can let all your creativity fly and really come with some great ideas

Most B: Mapmaker
There is nothing better than to write out books for others to enjoy and learn from which is why Mapmaker is the job you fit the best to do.

Most C: Journalist- The Right Arm
Writing articles is the best to do when your bored or just want something to do. You were born as a creative writer to share your views and rebel against the W.I.C.K.E.D.

Most D: Journalist- W.I.C.K.E.D daily
Writing articles is the best to do when your bored or just want something to do. You were born as a creative writer to share your views against the rebels.

Most E: Illustrator
You were born an Illustrator. Drawing and finding new shop items is a part of this job. It's perfect for you when you like to draw as much as you want, but your work often stays in the shadow of how did what, but don't let that fool you. You are such an important team and we all know it.

Most F: Soldiers
You are the perfect solder! This is the job you were born to do by always making sure everyone follows the rules and be a helping hand if it's ever needed. So what are you waiting for? Go and apply and bring out your inner stalker ;)

Most G: Backstory Team
You are clearly a born writer! You enjoy reading and writing stories, so the ideal job for you would be to help others writing their backstories. You’ll need to have plenty of time for reading as well since you’ll need to check users backstories to make sure they’re following the rules. You’ll be an excellent member of the team and we can’t wait to have you on board!

Most H: Event Team
Clearly, you are incredibly creative and love planning big events! The Event Team could be the perfect place for you! You will work hard, though not everyone may notice at first, but the end result will be loved by many. You have great social skills and will make the site a better and happier place!

Most I: Assistent Doctor
You are perfect for the job of an Assistant Doctor! You would get to help others with all kinds of questions about the subject you are an Assistant Doctor for. Be ready for a lot of helping and assignments grading in the future with this job ;)


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Elyon Blackfyre

Elyon Blackfyre I think I know what I want to do...

Aasira Coniah

Aasira Coniah This is awesome! Great job Alois

Angelina Ackerman

Angelina Ackerman This is so cool!

Jeric Bolscott

Jeric Bolscott Map Makers...obviously.

Celosia London

Celosia London Assistant Doctor!

Jessie Khaley

Jessie Khaley backstory team. hmmm did a shot for it. but it didn't work out today.... ;(

Jayde Sarris

Jayde Sarris Map Maker :))

Adrienne Hope

Adrienne Hope ooo nice! Backstory:)

Kaylee Smith

Kaylee Smith Wow! This must be special! The quiz told me I should apply for being a journalist at Wicked Daily!

Nicole Davenport

Nicole Davenport Journalist- The Right Arm.... well that is surprising....o.0

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