Job Quiz: Which Job Should You Try For?
There are a lot of different jobs you can get here on WoGU so many that it might be hard to decide on which one would be best for you. Well, don't worry anymore! If you want a job, but are unsure just take this quiz and find the perfect student job for you.

- From : Erin Nightingale

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Elyon Blackfyre

Elyon Blackfyre I think I know what I want to do...

Aasira Coniah

Aasira Coniah This is awesome! Great job Alois

Angelina Ackerman

Angelina Ackerman This is so cool!

Jeric Bolscott

Jeric Bolscott Map Makers...obviously.

Celosia London

Celosia London Assistant Doctor!

Jessie Khaley

Jessie Khaley backstory team. hmmm did a shot for it. but it didn't work out today.... ;(

Jayde Sarris

Jayde Sarris Map Maker :))

Adrienne Hope

Adrienne Hope ooo nice! Backstory:)

Kaylee Carter

Kaylee Carter Wow! This must be special! The quiz told me I should apply for being a journalist at Wicked Daily!

Nicole Davenport

Nicole Davenport Journalist- The Right Arm.... well that is surprising....o.0

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