Staff Interviews: Ruby!
Learn about the different staff member here at WoGU. Today you can learn about Ruby Ackerman!

- From : Erin Nightingale


Welcome to staff interviews! Every week you will get to know one of the staff members a little bit more. They are all lovely in their own way, but quite different so let’s get into the first person. This person is one of the doctors on here which is none other then ….


A little about Ruby

Can't you do your damned research, Midford? Nope apparently I can't :P I'm Ruby Ackerman. 28 year old. Mother of two children, Nova and Lucas. They are twins, terrible ones at that. I've got a lovely personality, obviously. I'm engaged to Elliot Blake. My hobbies include a wide range of sportive activities which I can use to beat some sense... uh, I mean, which I can use to outrun the cranks. I also love learning new things, a person can never learn too much. I wish more people had that view on it, but we can't all be useful human beings.

What is your job?

To teach these poor excuses for 'students' something about Astronomy. I'm the Doctor for Astronomy and hope that these children will eventually understand how the universe works. A lot of people think my subject isn't useful, but I can explain the Sun Flares and predict when the next ones might happen. So if you don't want to burn, I suggest you stay on my good side.

A fun fact about Ruby

I wouldn't even be with W.I.C.K.E.D. if it weren't for the fact they provide me with somewhere to live. I think it's a terrible place with terrible ideas, I especially loathe the Director.

What do you look the most forward to for the next years on WoGU?

Leaving this place. I'll build my own institute. We can call it 'R.U.B.Y'. Ruby's university banning youth. It will be way better than this place. Nah, that's was a joke. I would love to see W.I.C.K.E.D. fail though, but don't tell that to Nicole.

Anything else you like to add

Kindly do not waste my time with this nonsense Alois. I got more important things to do.

And that concludes this weeks interview! Now, that I'm done wasting Ruby's time you finally know a bit more about her! Be sure to be ready to learn about one of our other staff members next week ;) Who might be'll have to wait and see...




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Sarah Grenville

Sarah Grenville Whahaha, 100% Ruby

Lucas Ackerman

Lucas Ackerman Amazing idea mother! R.U.B.Y sounds like an excellent idea!

Elliot Blake

Elliot Blake LMAO Amazing!

Angelina Ackerman

Angelina Ackerman Hahahah! I love you Ruby!

Cornelia Briggins

Cornelia Briggins Oh can't wait to see who's next!

Darcy Walters

Darcy Walters Great post! <3

Darius Romano

Darius Romano Brilliant!

Nicole Davenport

Nicole Davenport RUBY! I READ THIS!

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