WoGu Lottery Extravaganzo
Are you fed up just struggling on and paying for your bills and education supplies? Would you like to earn a little extra cash, or maybe a whole lot of cash?

- From : Kaylee Carter

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Jack Carter

Jack Carter This lottery is now closed and entries beyond this message will not be counted! Stay tuned for the results

Lisette Coleman

Lisette Coleman 1, 2, 3! HEHEHE

Arylne Brightman

Arylne Brightman 26, 5, and 14 for me please!

Tonalli Siegel

Tonalli Siegel 2,9, 30

Elaine Wilson

Elaine Wilson 6, 13, 23

Desdemona Castelart

Desdemona Castelart 10 28 15

Rayden Rafferty

Rayden Rafferty 11, 27 and 29 please ~

Helja Loyd

Helja Loyd I choose number 2, 7 and... 11 ?

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