W.I.C.K.E.D. visits Westeros
Did you wonder why we chose to do an award week about Game of Thrones? Did you ever wonder what other WoX there are? Did you ever heard about World of Thrones?

- From : Lynnea Huntington

Wicked visits Westeros
Do you know this feeling when you still have too much work to stop and going to bed? When you think ‘oh, I’ll do this one thing and then I’ll sleep’. Or even ‘just one chapter left, I can do it’. But you can’t. You fall asleep during doing this thing. And your brain is just amazing. It creates dreams out of the thing you wanted to do.

This time it wasn’t the first time that Lynnea Huntington, Director of W.I.C.K.E.D., fell asleep during her work. She just thought about new ways to improve the work with their property students.
The young woman didn’t know that it was a dream when she went through King’s Landing. It was nearly normal to walk through the streets of this town in Westeros and to enter the Red Keep. And she wasn’t surprised, when she saw King Jorvan Sadelyn in there. It was like they were old friends who didn’t see each other for a long time.
“Jorvan”, she greeted the king, “How are you doing?”

“Lynnea! I haven’t seen you in such a long time, what brings you here? I hope you don’t have any bad news for me?” Jorvan smiled at the woman with a slightly worried expression. A visitor from another world was not here often after all. Not without a reason.

“Bad news? No, I don’t think so. I’m just searching for some inspiration”, Lynnea answered, “Finding the cure, defeating the Right Arm, there is so much to do and I don’t know where to start. Do you maybe have a monster I can borrow to scare them a bit?” The director grinned a bit about this idea. Maybe a he had a dragon? Could be useful.

A small laughter escaped Jorvan, this was the woman he knew and he was glad she never changed. “Well, we do have quite some horrible creatures here. We call them humans and they eat our supplies and occupy our houses. But jokes aside, you could talk to our Maester of Creatures of the Seven Kingdoms, she teaches all you need to know about dangerous animals and how to tame and treat them. If you need some battle strategies you could also visit the Battle and Warfare lectures, or maybe Studies in Trickery or the Art of Poisoning are more your league?” There were many classes that prepared people for whatever danger they might have to face, the Night King was lingering behind the Wall in the North and they kept him quite satisfied with an annual event in his honour, but the citizen of the Kingdom never knew whether he might invade some day or not.

“Oh, I think my league would be more something like Healing. We still need to find the cure for the Flare. Or I just borrow your Night’s Watch and send them against the rebels. What do you think?” Lynnea really thought about this option. Aestón would be grateful for some help.

“Hmm, we have an amazing Healing Maester as well, she surely could help you with finding a solution for that. If you need someone to fight, then I would recommend you to contact our Bannermen for Baratheon, Lannister, Stark and Targaryen. They led those who pledged allegiance in a huge battle in the last year. And maybe we can trade… we are having a rough and warm Summer but soon Winter will be coming once more. I can offer you our strongest soldiers and best horses for some food?” The Maesters of the Citadel had predicted the change of weather soon. This would lead to huge disadvantages after the dry heat and empty storages. Help would really be needed.

“You maybe need some of our Technologies. So we should really think about it. Is there a harbour in King’s Landing? I’m not good with your geographies.” Lynnea knows how to live in a dry and hot climate. It was like in the Scorch in her own world.

“We have, we have. I mean the whole continent of Westeros is surrounded by the sea, we have many rivers that flow through the different regions here like the North, Dorne, the Crownlands and so on. And if you can’t reach anything by ship, you can keep on travelling on the roads. But beware, some people here are not too fond of visitors and especially places like Beyond the Wall are dangerous… and cold. The only thing warming me up is wine… god, have you ever tried our wine? It is the best thing ever… I should grab a glass, want some, too?”

“I shouldn’t, I have to work...but I’ll try some”, Lynnea smiled and took a glass of wine too.

Then she heard a knocking and woke up.
What a strange dream. If she traveled to World of Thrones because of the theme of their award week? But it was very interesting. Maybe she’ll visit it someday, or night, again.
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Connor Huntington

Connor Huntington Westros..... What a lovely place to spend the winter! Someday... should pay a visit!

Nixie Ayden

Nixie Ayden Seems cool <3 :O

Deysel Coleman

Deysel Coleman Ooooo this sounds sooo cool! *waits.. 55 more days til turning 15*

Cornelia Briggins

Cornelia Briggins This was so amazing Lynnea, really cool to read. And that frist paragraph is basically me, like all the time xD

GeGe Wyetta

GeGe Wyetta The art is pretty awesome to *coughs coughs*

Nicole Davenport

Nicole Davenport What a wonderful interesting land!

Lynnea Huntington

Lynnea Huntington *whispers* and if you visit WoT, take Healing classes. The maester is great *totally not promotes herself....*

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