Research Among the Population - Results
In the past few weeks, we have been busy doing some research among the population. The results are quite interesting! Did you know how weird our society seems to be?!

- From : Kaylee Carter

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Chloe Cavieri

Chloe Cavieri Pineapple *clap* doesn't *clap* go *clap* on *clap* pizza
Although I do respect your opinion ahem...
And dang now we know half of the world is like me, singing in the shower... XD

Sarah Grenville

Sarah Grenville The socks and pinapple actually surprised me! Now I am curious

Robin Carter

Robin Carter Hahahhaha this was brilliant Kay!

Lynnea Huntington

Lynnea Huntington what interesting results... *will maybe use those results for more tests*

Benthe Myerscough

Benthe Myerscough nice outcome :D

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