The Close Up - Robin Carter
Do you want to get to know the members of WoGU a bit better? What others think about them and why they are loved this much here? Why they're and important part of this site and community? The Close Up gives attention to one person in every edition for showing exactly that. Enjoy reading and spend some love to our lovely users!

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Milo Swanson

Milo Swanson on behalf of a super fainted and watery Robin (me) he would like to express his gratitude for your lovely words and know that they have all touched a special place deep in his heart and is at a loss for words. Except for these Thank you so much and I love you guys ♥

Lexie Collins

Lexie Collins I can't say anything that others haven't already said. Robin, we have met a little over a year ago, and we quickly had a connection. From that moment on we shared pretty much everything and I know I would not be here today with out your help, support and love. I know I once kicked you towards this site and I'm so happy I did, we got to learn more about each other during the time we worked together and still do to this day. I know life will have awesome adventures for the both of us and I can only be grateful that I will be able to share them with you. I love youuu!! ♥♥♥

Loona Huntington

Loona Huntington Dear Robin,
You have been the best leader one could ever imagine. I know I said that before, but I won't get tired repeating it. You know what I thought and think about the site, (some of) the people, the work, and the effort I put into it. You know why I did this for so long, why I kept going even in moments in which everything felt false and useless. It was all because of you and because I would have never let you down. I always loved our talks, staying awake with you through nights, and playing topics together (even though it was not really with Robin, but doesn't really matter, does it?)
You are an amazing person and even though I can't find many good things looking back at my really active times here, the best thing a WoX site has ever given me was meeting you! That is why I will never regret anything I did for this site.
I seriously hope that our friendship will continue even without working together. It would be a shame if stepping back would mean to lose what we have.
I love you and miss you so much ♥ I wish you the best of luck ♥

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