Student staff interviews - Deysel Coleman
Its time to take a look at life with the student job for the different students! Today Naexi is interviewing Deysel! So let's get into it ...

- From : Erin Nightingale


Student Staff interview
Deysel Coleman
QUESTION ONE - A little bit about Deysel

Deysel grew up with Lisette Coleman, the Herbology Doctor, as his older sister. She is 9 years older, but when Deysel was only 4 they got separated. He lived on his own for almost 10 years trying to get back to Lisette, which succeeded when he was 13. Now, he lives at the WICKED complex. He doesn't know if he likes WICKED or the right arm more and he is still trying to figure that out, but while holding on to the things he has he is doing fine now. He's a protective, calm but mature and serious boy who cares about others more than about himself.

QUESTION TWO - What is your job?

I'm an Architect, focusing on Illustrator.

QUESTION THREE - What do you do in your said job?

As Architects, we look after all the illustrations, the visuals that can be found on the site. Think about your class requirements, pets, food and drinks... They are there and you might not notice them as a matter, but every single one in every single shop, needs to be drawn! Except for the 'standard' food and items that are already drawn before the launch, we're still taking care of every Doctor requirements. When the new year starts there mostly are some Doctors who want items in the shop, so that they can use them as requirement. They need to be drawn. That also happens when a new Doctor is hired, sometimes. Some of them want to change entire plans with different requirements.

QUESTION FOUR - What is required of you?

Of course, there is a need of being creative. Without the ability to draw new shop items, it's... Hard to be an Architect. But gladly I really love working with art in general and I'm a little obsessed with Photoshop. When I got this job December 8.. Well I never expected things to end up where we are now almost 5 months later. I still am working on the new requirements or other ideas the team comes up with, to make y'all have cool stuff to buy!

QUESTION FIVE - What is your favorite part about your job?

I think that my favorite part about this job is, that we can make others feel how important things can be when you don't see them much. Illustrators are a bit underrated and I want to bring that back, so people see it as a normal team. Not as a side thingie, but a real team with love, power and motivation. Because that's what it is! Without our illustrations, it wouldn't be the same site. Every job has some really important parts in it, but after all, I like this one the best. It's the spirit others don't see, but we will make them see it!

QUESTION SIX - Why should users apply for your job?

This team is little, but that doesn't make us weak. No, it has so much spirit in it! The feeling of art, knowing that all in has something to do with art, makes me feel happy. It's a power I can't find anywhere else but here. I don't even have words for it. I think others should apply, because of this love we share! Why wouldn't you want to be surrounded by art? There are not many people able to hold this grey color as there are not many able to illustrate properly, so we might need YOU! If you know what it's like to work in a digital drawing place and want to show everybody what you can do, then this is the perfect place to be! Join us!

QUESTION SEVEN - What is the fondest memory of your job?

This is a hard question. Of course, the day I got in here is still something important to me. I remember it all really well; Sarah brought me in. I loved everything. I was able to work on the site before it was launched, which also gave me a really special feeling. I remember the spider you can buy as a pet, I drew all animals. And Nicole... She really doesn't like the spider. It's actually a compliment to me, but I just love how she hates the spider! That's something I will never ever forget anymore!

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Cornelia Briggins

Cornelia Briggins The spider is amazing! Really cool interview ;)

Robin Carter

Robin Carter Awesome interview!

Nicole Davenport

Nicole Davenport EEEEEKK THAT SPIDER!!!

Avianna Wilkinson

Avianna Wilkinson The best memory should be that you had the awesomenessest boss ever. ;(

Nixie Ayden

Nixie Ayden YUS DEYSEL

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