Welcome to World of Gladers Unite!
We want to welcome you to World of Gladers Unite who has finally launched after such a long time with lots of work and we are so happy you are joining us!

- From : Erin Nightingale


Welcome to World of Gladers Unite!

This is the amazing site for the maze runner fandom where you can roleplay with your fellow maze runner fans and get to know some other people who like it just as much as you do. Doesn’t that sound fantastic?!

Now there is a lot to do here and you might be a bit confused by it all so let me first introduce to you some of the people that you can trust and can be there for you if you have any questions. First up is the chancellor Timothy Cortland and the director Nicole Davenport that are the leaders of this site and made it all possible.

We also have the wonderful keepers! You should all by now be placed in one f the four group and depending on which group you got you should mostly message the keeper of your group with questions you might have. Especially questions that is about the group. So let me introduce the keeper of the slicers Elliot Blake. He is the main person for all of you slicers out there. The next is the keeper Lynnea Huntington the keeper of the Med-jacks! Next is the keeper of the runners which is Ethan Campbell! and lastly Cooper Huntington the leader of the Builders. Check out the teams for your group I'm sure they would like some team members!

They are all wonderful people so don't be afraid of asking anything and we have some others you can ask questions to as well. All of us in yellow/golden colour are here to answer questions about our teams of course, but other stuff as well so just ask us as well and the same goes with our mentors. Though if its a question that is for something specific try to ask the leader of the team, the mentor for the class or whoever you think the question fits the best. We are all here to help :D

All the teams would love some of you to become a part of the team so please apply if something sounds interesting to you and don't hesitate with asking any questions about it. Trust me they are all here ready to answer them ;)

Don’t know what team to join? Well, don't worry! We will soon be having a little quiz you can take to see what job you would fit the best for! you can also take a look at the lovely job guide.

Now you might be wondering who these people really are? Well, you don't have to worry for that long as we will be doing staff interviews soon! if you have any questions you would like all of them or some specific person of them to answer then send it into me as soon as you come up with it and I will be sure to include it ;)

We hope you all have a wonderful time on this site  



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