Learning The Star's Secrets #1
Have you ever wanted to know the star's secrets? Well, then you are in luck as this is what Naexi is covering today!

- From : Erin Nightingale


Aries, ruled by Mars

Welcome to the first blog of “Learning the star’s secrets”! Now, you might be wondering what this blog is all about, well, allow me to explain it to you. Every other Saturday I will pick one of the Astrological Signs--better known as Zodiac signs--and go over some random fun facts and everything you need to know about the Zodiac sign. Today, I will be teaching you about Aries, so if you were born between March 21st and April 19th this is all about you and your week to shine!

The basic facts -
Some basic facts about Aries is, if you are born March 21st - April 19th you are an Aries. The symbol of Aries is the Ram. The ruling planet for Aries is Mars. Aries is grouped in the element of fire. Aries is a Cardinal Sign.

The Aries personality -
On a good day, the best way to describe the personality of an Aries on a good day would be by saying they are; Energetic, bold, determined, and caring. But on a bad day, the best way to describe the personality of an Aries is by saying; Proud, stubborn, bossy, and reckless. But overall, an Aries will always be headstrong and determined, which leads us back to the symbol of the Aries and realizing why they are just like a Ram. An Aries’ energy will always be devoted, unstoppable, and encouraging.

Likes and dislikes -
The likes of an Aries is being a leader, challenges, and sports. The dislikes of an Aries would be inactivity, unable to do a job that challenges their skills, and being delayed.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s “Learning the star’s secrets” and I hope you’ll join me next time for it! If you learned anything new make sure you comment it down below and also comment if you are an Aries! ♡

Much love,



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Madelaine Smith

Madelaine Smith I can't wait for Cancer to come out! And, let's hope it's accurate since many Cancer things are actually myths... But, I'm sure you will do a great job! Amazing article/post :D

Aasira Coniah

Aasira Coniah I'm an Aries! Born March 21st!

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