Staff Interviews: Angelina!
Learn about the different staff member here at WoGU. Today you can learn about the Survival Doctor which is none other then Angelina Ackerman!

- From : Erin Nightingale


Welcome to another staff interview! Every week you will get to know one of the staff members a little bit more. They are all lovely in their own way, but quite different so let’s get into the second person. This person is also a doctor on this site and teaches Survival. Who might it be? its...


A little about Angelina

First of all, I am Angelina Ackerman, the Survival Doctor here at the W.I.C.K.E.D Complex. I am 21 years old, and is the youngest of 4 children. I have no children thankgoodness or pets. You could say I like living alone. And I do. Obviously, I have an amazing personality, and the students just love me. Not really. I have several hobbies, and don't be surprised about that. I enjoy eating and playing sports, and as you can see, I am an excellent survivor.

What is your job?

To scare these annoying students... I mean, teach the students how to survive. Obviously, I am the Doctor of Survival. Most students think my class is not important, but wait and see when they get a bullet in their chest.

A fun fact about Angelina

I hate fun facts. They're not even fun! But, if you must... I spend most of my time in the wilderness. It's very quiet if you ask me. A very good place to relax and just think.

Your favorite part of WoGU

Well, there is a lot of things I love about WoGU. What I like most is how nice everyone is. Even you, Nic. Even you. In addition to that, the hilarious graduate staff peeps occasionally make me smile.

What do you look the most forward to for the next years on WoGU?

Ruby's institute, 'R.U.B.Y.' and corruption. Like my sister, I look forward to leaving this place. It's very stuffy, and they won't let me shoot the children build a statue of myself in the Entrance Hall! But, if I can't leave this place, I'd say I look forward to be working with the students, and teaching them how to survive.

Anything else you like to add

No, I don't like wasting my time.

And that was everything! Thank you so much, Angelina, for letting us get to know you better a tiny bit scary but thank you nonetheless. Soon we'll cover yet another part of the staff! Who might be'll have to wait and see...




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Nicole Davenport

Nicole Davenport Oi!!! I know I can be nice!! Tssss!

Meliora Ayres

Meliora Ayres Oh Lovely interview :D

Darcy Walters

Darcy Walters Great post! <3

Nixie Ayden

Nixie Ayden o-o I'll make a note not to make her upset when I start taking her class

Cornelia Briggins

Cornelia Briggins Ah pressed enter too early. I wonder who's next xD

Cornelia Briggins

Cornelia Briggins Splendid Interwiev! Wonder who

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